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ThreadSecure™ Spool Clamps

  • $7.95

Can you recall the inconvenience that a tangled mass of thread could subject you to? Trying to fix the mess can keep you busy for the next 20 minutes or so. And dealing with loose thread isn't fun, especially if your embroidery or sewing project already demands a lot of your time and attention.

But worry no more! Our spool clamps from ThreadSecure are now available to keep thread from disastrously unraveling. These high quality organizers ensures that threads retain their tension, so you get only the best results for your home sewing project! 

The ThreadSecure Spool Clamps even adapt to the size of most spools, so there's no need to get a different set for the bigger spools you have.These durable clamps make the perfect all-occasion present for anyone who's passionate in needlecraft. 

  • Comes in fun, assorted colors 
  • Durable, Easy to use
  • Made of silicone, Expandable
  • Perfect for home sewing projects

    Shipping May Take 2 - 5 Weeks Due To High Demand

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