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Voltage Tester Sensitivity Pen

  • $19.95

Don't compromise your safety at home by leaving damaged wires unattended. The Voltage Tester Sensitivity Pen ensures that voltage is detected without any contact needed.

The voltage detector pen can indicate both standard and low voltage. So you may use it to test house wiring, light fixtures, and irrigation, among others. Since it has bright LED, using the pen in the dark won't even be an issue. Isn't it convenient?

Get the non contact Voltage Tester Pen today! 


The LED light lights up according to the signal density: 
  • Red light and rapid buzz indicates a live line with HIGH voltage is detected
  • Green light and medium buzz indicates that MEDIUM voltage is detected
  • Flashing green light and slow buzz means LOW voltage is detected


  • Ideal for a breaking point location test for damaged wiring 
  • Switch voltage range between 12V-1000V and 48V-1000V
  • Bright LED for seamless operation even in a dark environment
  • Your order includes: 1 x Voltage Tester Sensitivity Pen
Shipping May Take 2 - 5 Weeks Due To High Demand

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